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In Quantum Physics, there is one of the most bizarre premises which states that by the very act of "watching" (or measuring), the observer affects the observed reality.

The superposition principle states that a particle exists in all of it's states at the same time, until it is measured, when the particle is "forced" to choose only one definite state.

When i look around, trying to find new perspectives on reality, i realize how everything i know is built upon this very principle.

How limited and limiting are we and our reality.

Everything we are familiar with, is measured and labeled, thus forming a definite state.

It is not surprising though, since without the labels and the measurement systems we cannot even begin to comprehend how the reality would look like, what does it mean to be everything and everywhere at the same time, making the term time itself meaningless, or is it even possible for us to exist in such reality.

But can we try to capture with our brains a non measured reality? Where all the possible states and possibilities exist and occurring at once? Can we imagine what is a reality untouched by labels? Where one thing is not divided from another, thus everything is a whole?

Maybe not quite but only to a certain degree.

Maybe within our measured reality of labels we can still create our own reality and aspire to keep it as close to the source as we can.

A reality where we can stick some labels together instead of creating new ones.

A reality more whole than separated.

A reality where you embrace that everything is possible and nothing is defined. It is only by being convinced with your beliefs or your way of thinking that you are excluding so many of the possibilities.

A reality where you are one with me and one the cosmos.

 - Nina Basman

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